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CEO Impact Hydrogen

"Our simple yet innovative app is designed to accelerate hydrogen projects by connecting producers and users within your region, enhancing both scalability and competitiveness in the sector!"

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Features of the
Hydrogen Connect App

Our digital platform connects the global hydrogen industry, allowing users to easily locate and communicate with producers, distributors, and consumers, and access an interactive map of regional hydrogen capacity and resources.

Chat with other members
Edit your company profile
Manage your subscription
Set language
Adjust your capacity needs
Explore interactive capacity map

Subscriptions and pricing

Reasonable prices for a one-of-a-kind tool.
€15 per month
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One company user.
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Add additional company user accounts for €30 each.
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View producers, consumers, and distributors within 1000 kilometers.
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Send chat requests to other registered companies on the map.
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Three accepted chat requests per month.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do with the Hydrogen Connect App?

Users of the Hydrogen Connect App can perform several actions to facilitate their involvement in the hydrogen industry:

- Connect and communicate with stakeholders: Users can connect with producers, distributors, and consumers within the hydrogen value chain, and communicate through messaging and networking features, facilitating discussions, negotiations, and collaboration.

- Locate resources: The app provides an interactive map showing regional hydrogen capacity and resources, allowing users to identify potential suppliers, partners, or off-take opportunities.

Who can use the Hydrogen Connect App?

The app is designed for stakeholders across the hydrogen value chain, including producers, distributors, and off-takers/consumers.

How does the interactive map feature work?

The interactive map allows users to visually explore regional hydrogen capacity and resources. Users can zoom in and out, filter by specific criteria, and view detailed information about producers, distributors, and consumers in different locations.

How can organisations become sponsors of the Hydrogen Connect App?

Organisations interested in sponsoring the app can contact our team ( to inquire about sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship packages offer brand visibility and association with sustainability and technological advancement within the hydrogen industry.

How can my company benefit from the Hydrogen Connect App?

By joining Hydrogen Connect, your company gains access to a diverse network of potential partners and suppliers, enabling you to efficiently source hydrogen or find distribution channels that meet your needs.

Is the Hydrogen Connect App free to use?

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store for €0.99 cents. A basic subscription costs €15 and a premium subscription costs €45.

Can I connect with other users through the Hydrogen Connect App?

Yes, the app provides a communication tool through its chat function. This allows users to connect and communicate with each other within the platform.

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